Fill 3D

This predictor powers Fill 3D. It accepts an image, and a list of prompts, then uses generative fill in 3D to generate an ultra-realistic image. It currently only supports images of empty interior rooms. We will be expanding it to support more image types as time goes on.

Using the Predictor

To use the predictor, you need a Fill 3D API key. You can grab your key from fill3d.ai/pricing. You will also need a Function client for your development environment. Below is an example in JavaScript using fxnjs:

// Create a Function client and specify your Fill 3D API key const fill3dApiKey = "<YOUR FILL 3D API KEY>"; const fxn = new Function({ accessKey: fill3dApiKey });

You can then make predictions using this predictor:

// Generate fill an image. const prediction = await fxn.predictions.create({ tag: "@fill3d/fill", inputs: { image: { type: "image", data: "https://url.to.image" }, prompts: [ { x: 0.2, y: 0.2, width: 0.5, height: 0.6, prompt: "a colorful potted plant" } ] } })


image: Image of an empty interior.

list: Staging prompts.